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Where would a cat roam around Triad?

As cat owners know, cats are naturally curious and like to roam the neighborhood if given the chance. It’s completely understandable that owners would want to prevent this to avoid hazards like traffic or other neighborhood predators. Other owners are happy to give their cat the freedom. It’s a matter of your pet parenting style. 

Assuming your cat gets out to explore, where do you think they would go? All the way to Clemmons, Lewisville, Pfafftown or Winston-Salem? Or just up the street? Here are a few destinations a curious cat may explore first:

  • Neighborhood cats: Your cat may just be looking for a friend to play with or for some help grooming. However, cats don’t always play nice, so if your cat returns with signs of a fight, take steps to prevent them from going back there.
  • A friendly neighbor: Sometimes cats make better neighbors than people. They might be visiting the neighbors on your behalf, stopping in for dinner or just to say hello.
  • Hunting grounds: Cats are natural hunters, and they may be out there to follow this instinct. Maybe they’ll find a bird’s nest or mice nest and bring you back what they find.
  • A spot to lounge: Like you visiting a park, cats like to get out of the house and find some peaceful relaxation outdoors.