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Training tips before visiting dog parks in Winston-Salem.

Dog parks are a great way to get some fresh air and meet other dog owners around Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville or Pfafftown. They also provide opportunities for much needed socializing for your pup so they can be happy and well-adjusted around other dogs. As an owner, a socialized dog means you don’t have to worry as much on walks and in public spaces when other dogs are present. 

Here are some things you and your dog can work on before and at the dog park so you can both make some friends while you’re there. 

    • Master basic commands with your dog like sit, stay, and drop it. With these commands in the bag, you have more control of the situation to keep your dog and others safe. 
    • You can ease your dog into social settings by visiting during off peak hours and keeping your visits brief.
    • Relax and let your dog explore. Dogs vibe off their owners. If you’re tense about the situation, your dog will be too. Try striking up a conversation with another owner at the park, and maybe your dog will follow suit.